Friday, August 6, 2010

Two months

Drakey turned 2 months old on Wednesday but as usual Mommy is late with her post. He went to the Drs on Friday for his 2 month shots. Drakey did wonderfully. He was such a good baby all morning, happy when waking up and smiling the whole time, that Mommy hated to have to take him to the Dr to ruin his good day. At the Drs even after getting undressed he was happy. Mommy wrapped him in a blanket and sang to him while they waited for the Dr and he smiled several times. He liked the ABC song a lot.

His stats as of 2 months were

Weight: 9 lbs 11 ozs (only 10%)
Height: 23 inches (50%)
Head: 16 inches

Mommy was a little sad to hear that Drakey was only in the 10% for weight. The Dr said it was a little low since he only gained 1 lb in 2 months while most babies gain 2 but since he was growing and gaining not to be too upset. Mommy had gone in for a weight check the previous week and Drakey was 9 lbs 7 ozs so he gained 4 ozs in a weeks time which the Dr said was good.

Drakey did wonderfully for his shots. Mommy broke up the shots so he got 2 injections and the oral immunization this time. He will go back in 2 weeks for the other 2 injections. The nurse gave Drakey the oral immunization first and he happily gobbled that down. Mommy thinks he was still swollowing some of that yummy medicine when the nurse pricked him with the shots which is why he only cried for a minute or so after. Mommy scooped him up to soothe him and he was better within a few minutes. Afterwards he fell asleep in the car on the way to breastfeeding support group and slept much of the time there. After class Mommy went to lunch with a few girlfriends from the class and Drakey was great almost the entire time. He got fussy after a while and fell asleep on the way home and then napped on and off in the afternoon between feedings. He was such a good baby and Mommy was so proud of him for being so brave.

Here are some recent pictures

This was his 2 month photo shoot

Who are you?

Such a happy baby. He smiles a lot more these days

More smiles (the day before 2 months)

Hanging out in his bouncy chair

Dexter the cat found a new snuggle buddy


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  3. Oh Jasmine, he is absolutely precious!! I can't believe how big he's getting!! :) He's beautiful. :) I am glad he's gaining weight even if it's slowly and he sure does look healthy. :) Glad the shots weren't too bad on him! Glad you found a BFSG that you like. I think when I become a mommy I'm going to find one of my own! They were great every time I went to them. :) Glad to hear things are going well <3