Friday, May 28, 2010

38 weeks

Mommy went to the Dr this Thursday and no changes, still 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Maybe Jellybean heard Mommy and Daddy's pleas of staying in there longer and t00k it to heart. Does this mean Jellybean will always listen to what Mommy and Daddy want. We can hope I guess! Thursday was also the full moon and despite what they say Mommy didnt go into labor. Today is Mommy's last day of work. Mommy hopes that Jellybean stays put past the next 2 weekends. This weekend because its Daddy's first free weekend for the month so it would be nice to have some time together, might be years before that happens again and next weekend Daddy is working his last track meet of the year. Mommy also likes the idea of having a free week with no work where Mommy can tie together all her loose ends and really mentally get ready for the idea of a new baby in the house! Nine months flew by!

Mommy is working on a few more projects and hopes to complete them before Jellybean comes but this is Jellybean's toy collection so far made by Mommy

Daddy is holding the balloon up for Mommy

Close up sans balloon

We are almost ready for you baby!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Term

Well we hit 37 weeks, Jellybean is officially considered full term and ready for the world even if Mommy and Daddy aren't quite ready for it just yet. Mommy went to the Dr today and got her 1st cervix check. She is 50% effaced and 1/2 cm dilated. Yesterday Mommy, Daddy, and her dolua went on the maternity ward tour. Mommy has been slowly packing the hospital bag and doing the last bit of laundry necessary before Jellybean's arrival. With all of that the nursery is still a bit messy. Daddy ahs been busy a lot this month with one of his side jobs so none of the art Mommy made for Jellybean has been hung up. Also Mommy still has some random Jellybean items laying around the nursery floor. Mommy hasnt had a huge urge to nest (ie clean up those random objects) so she is hoping that means Jellybean won't be coming out anytime soon despite the effacement and how low his/her head is and not that Mommy and Daddy's house is such a wreck that it overrides even basic instincts. Mommy has been getting Braxton Hicks contractions she thinks for a few weeks now. Come to think of it she thinks they have been coming for some time now but she only started to notice them recently as they have become kind of crampy like menstrual period cramps. Obviously they are doing something since Mommy is already 50% effaced. Mommy and Daddy really want Jellybean to hang in there for to at least June if not a little longer. Ideally Mommy would like Jellybean to be born at or after his/her due date but if thats not possible then anytime after the 7th of June would be best. Mommy's last day of work is May 27th and Daddy's last track meet is June 5th so they are both hoping to complete what they need to do before Jellybean's big day. Mommy isn't sure if she will make it till then but she is really really hoping. That could be the first favor Jellybeans does for Mommy and Daddy if he/she would comply. We would lend you the car once if you did this for us ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Giraffe Friend

Mommy started this guy a while ago and hit a dead end for a while. Mommy has learned while she loves crocheting she really hates the assembly part of making these toys. She often has to set aside weekends just to put together all the pieces she has laying all around her desk together. She often finds putting these guys together the hardest and they dont often look like the pictures. Overall though Mommy is happy with this guy and Daddy has reassured Mommy he is cute so for now everyone is happy. Mommy still needs to put in nostrils but its too late tonight for her to want to bother so now this guy (no name yet) is sitting in Jellybean's crib. Mommy is just relieved she finished before Jellybean's arrival. Now to think of a name...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nursery Progress

So Mommy has been working on the nursery a bit more now. She was a bit overwhelmed before with all this baby stuff but now that everything has a place and is out of the way she feels a bit better.

So here is the view from the door now

Mommy installed the mobile all by herself when Daddy was at work one day and she is very proud of herself!

Closer view of the bookshelf. A few co-workers on a committee he belongs to gave Daddy a small surprise shower the other day adn gifted him quite a few books which thrilled Mommy as she loves to read and hopes to pass that on to Jellybean.

Mommy and Daddy also got Jellybean's travel system this week. The first real purchase Mommy and Daddy had to make so far

Gus is all ready to go to the hospital. Too bad Mommy hasnt packed the hospital bag to start that soon

Daddy also put together Aunt Kim and Uncle Ben's shower gift. Mommy really wanted this as it converts from an infant rocker all the way up to a toddler chair!

Mommy's friend (and her doula for birth) gifted Mommy with some baby clothes. Mommy's doula is the owner of the fabulous Magnolia Baby layette wear company. Mommy cant even describe to you how soft these pieces feel. Mommy also got a blanket and 2 sleepers but she couldnt fit them in the picture. She is in love with the panda piece especially. So cute and incredibly soft!

Lastly Mommy got in some shots from the shower. Here are 2 of Mommy's favorites. She is still waiting on the CD to see the rest

Jellybean will be 35 weeks next Tuesday! Eek time is going by fast....too fast!