Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alpaca Farm

Next on the day's agenda was a local alpaca farm where they raised, bred, and sold thier wools.

When we first got there we went to where the girls were being held. We were told that there was a baby born three days ago. Its the little black one, her mother is the gray and white one. Gus was too afraid to get too close lest he be mistaken for a tasty morsel.

They had a little store in the back that sold items made from alpaca wool as well as some yarn.

Gus found a safe way to take pictures with alpacas there.

The boys are kept at the other end of the farm so we walked down to see them. Along the walk we encountered this enormous Weeping Willow.

So Gus had to take a picture, assisted naturally, so he didn't get dirty

The boy alpacas

And since they didnt seem to be as hungry a quick snapshot was taken.
Next the Cape May Lighthouse and beach!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cape May Zoo

The second day at Cape May was a busy one. Since we were leaving on Sunday we tried to see as many sights as we could on Saturday. The day started at the Cape May Zoo (which is free) They had a lot of animals including a lion, peacocks, goats, alpacas, a camel, red panda and more. Here are some highlights

Gus and a camel
Gus and alpacas

Gus and a leopard

And some non-Gus animals

Group picture
Getting close to the main attraction

Gus and his brethren

On our way out we passed by the zoo's carousel and look what we spotted

Too bad we couldnt get a picture of Gus riding the other giraffe but it would have cost $2 and held up the ride for the kiddies

Next stop Alpaca Farm!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cape May Day 1

Jelly Bean and Gus had a big weekend to start this blog off. I had planned a trip to Cape May NJ months ago with my two best friends to celebrate my birthday so Jelly Bean and Gus accompanied us on our three day get away.

I have a lot of pictures so Ill break down the posts by day. The first day I and one of my friends arrived early. We were waiting for our other friend to come after work so we spent the time walking around and exploring a little of Cape May as well as lounging at our bed and breakfast.

At the Cape May Ferry picking up my friend

Jelly Bean and Gus in downtown Cape May

We wandered over to Congress Hall ,a hotel in downtown, and spent some time on their patio area

After that it was time for a snack! Yum!

Later on we headed back to the bed and breakfast.

Gus showing his bed and breakfast

Helping my friend blog

Deciding to start his own blog

A quick bed time story

And off to bed


Welcome to Jelly Bean and Gus!
On Septmeber 25, 2009 (my 28th birthday) I was blessed to discover that in nine short months I will become a mother for the first time after a miscarriage two years ago ("Peanut"). I have decided to name baby "Jelly Bean" and this blog will be chronicling the adventures of Jelly Bean and his friend Gus the giraffe. I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the places, people, and experiences Jelly Bean and Gus encounter up to the faithful day Jelly Bean makes his grand appearance. (Expected due date for now is June 5, 2010)
And we are off on our grand adventure!