Sunday, February 28, 2010


Every year Mommy and Daddy's three friends from college throw a joint birthday party (all three are born within weeks of each other in February) together. This year it was held back at college at one of everyone's favorite restaurants. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up and see how much life has changed for us throughout the years. We ended the night at one of our friend's homes and though the boys didnt end up taking any pictures together Mommy, the girls, and Gus got these.

Aunt Shana and Aunt Stephanie
(Cinnamon the dog was as enamored with Gus as Aidan and Ellie are)

Aunt Shana, Aunt Tammy, Aunt Stephanie, and Aunt Stacey

Mommy and Daddy gave Aunt Tammy a ride to the event now that she has moved closer to home again. She had a small collection of gifts for Mommy and Jellybean.

Mommy is particularly in love with the dino romper as Mommy loves dinos!

Lastly Mommy got a haircut today

The blue top was a gift from Aunt Tammy to Mommy.

Mommy heard that you during pregnancy you tend to grow more hair and after you give birth you lose a lot of hair. Usually that hair is just the extra hair you gained during the pregnancy but many people say its scary as hair falls out in clumps. Mommy has issues with her hair going back to when she was a child and her own Mommy cut her hair so the idea of losing clumps of hair really scares her even if it is just extra hair so Mommy decided to get her haircut now so it still has time to grow until June.

Also Mommy's skin has been looking terrible lately so excuse the picture.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby randoms

On Saturday someone gave Mommy a seat while she and her SIL were waiting for a table at a local restaurant. This is one of the few times someone who didnt know Mommy saw that she was pregnant.

Mommy started pre-natal yoga today. The class was small, 4 other woman ranging from 8 weeks pregnant to 38 weeks. Mommy is smaller then two of the other woman as they are 38 and 35 weeks pregnant but obviously bigger then the 8 week pregnant woman. This was Mommy's first experience with yoga and Mommy wasn't as flexible or coordinated as she use to be, though that might have something to do with the fact Mommy hasn't really exercised since the 12th grade, rather then pregnancy. Jellybean was kicking around the entire class so Mommy wasn't sure if that meant he liked what Mommy was doing or hated it! Maybe he was going all this movement is new whats going on out there? Overall Mommy had a good time though the room was very hot. Mommy wasn't sure if she was doing all the poses correctly either and worried she was hurting Jellybean at points but the instructor was very on top of the class so probably Mommy's body and muscles just aren't use to this kind of activity. Hopefully in the next few weeks everything will adjust and get use to these routines.

Lastly Mommy has fallen in love with Petunia Pickle Bottom's Cake Collection

In all honesty Mommy feels these bags are too pretty to be used as diaper bags but since that is their original intentions maybe she can convince Daddy this is a must need for Jellybean heehee ;) I guess Mommy will be saving her Swagbuck dollars from here till eternity. Probably by the time she saves enough Jellybean will be out of diapers and well on his way to college :p

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Stuff for Jellybean

Jellybean has acquired some new things recently so Mommy decided to lump them all together in this post.

First Mommy went out today and she thinks she found Jellybean's coming home outfit if Jellybean is a girl. You might remember this goldfish pattern from a previous post when Mommy was eyeing this line from Gymboree. Mommy was so excited when she found this on sale at a great price today! Now hopefully Jellybean is a girl =P

Love the little details

Mommy might need to buy bloomers to go with this though cloth diapers might solve the issue as well. Mommy is still on the hunt for the perfect coming home outfit if Jellybean is a boy.

Mommy and Grandma also went shopping last week and found some things on clearance at Lord and Taylors so Grandma bought Jellybean some 6 month old stuff. Mommy loved the warm blue bear suit and she igures even if Jellybean is a girl she can wear blue once in a while.

Gus likes the blanket the most

Mommy also got her Aden & Anais swaddle blankets this week. Mommy has heard such great things about this line and she was able to see them in person at a store once and fell in love with how soft and comfortable they felt. Also as they are lightweight they are perfect for a summer baby like Jellybean. Mommy got the safari pack off Amazon and got a great deal thanks to her Swagbucks earnings.

Look a giraffe one!

For those of you who havent tried Swagbucks its a super easy way to earn gift cards and other prizes.

Search & Win

Mommy has used it for about a month and has already earned $10 in gift cards from Amazon and is close to her next $5 one. All you need to do is use their search engine to look for things you normally would look at while you surf the web. You can usually pick up a point or two a day just by searching and if you follow them on Facebook and Twitter there are other ways to earn Swag points through their Swag hunts. Its fun and easy and nice when you get a swag buck for just doing what you would normally use the computer for. If you decide to try it out please use Mommy's referral link

Mommy also bought this adorable dress for Jellybean a while ago and added it to her "Dont tell Daddy pile" Mommy figures if Jellybean is a girl then her holiday outfit is all set. It was a great price (less then $10 at Gymboree) and its so darling. The back has a white bow.

Lastly Mommy was able to get a rare picture of Gus with the pups! Normally whenever Mommy pulls Gus out the pups get super excited as they think he is a new toy for them so Mommy has to be careful with him around them. Today she was able to get some rare photos.

Aidan and Gus

Ellie and Gus

What you dont see from these beautiful shots are the ones where Aidan is licking and knocking Gus over trying to play with him.

Oh and a 24 week 6 day shot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Mommy and Daddy had a nice Valentine's Day week essentially due to the snow. Mommy and Daddy spent Tuesday night through Tuesday morning together. Daddy and Mommy both got Wednesday and Thursday off. Mommy has Friday or regularly and Daddy took it off and Monday was a holiday for both. Much of it was cooped up inside the house but Mommy and Daddy did get out Friday night for Aunt Becca's annual Valentine's Day party. Sadly Gus was left at home so no pictures of the actual party but Aunt Becca did send Jellybean his first Valentine's Day card.

Aunt Becca also got this card for the family.

Friday Daddy surprised Mommy in the morning with her Valentine's Day present. Daddy pretended to get ready for work and when he came to Mommy's side to say goodbye he put this necklace on her neck. He said he bought it specifically because it made him think of Mommy and Jellybean. Daddy also took the day off so he could take Mommy to the Dr's because he was worried about the slippery ice. It was a good Valentine's week

Close up

Also on Monday Jellybean hit a big milestone, 24 weeks, viability. Next big milestone is birth!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowstorm 2

Well we made it through the second big storm to hit the area in a week. The plus was Mommy and Daddy got to stay home, the bad part is living in the aftermath the snow storm brought.

Mommy went out at night when the snow first started

Thats Mommy's car

The neighbor's built a snowman so Gus posed with it

The next day

Mommy's tired of these storms and hopes this was the last of them for the year. At least Jellybean got to experience this winter in a warm place.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy and Jellybean

These few incidents happened recently and Mommy thought they were cute and sweet

-Mommy has outgrown her normal winter coat (to be fair it was a Gap Children's coat size L so chances are it wasn't made for someone who is pregnant) Mommy switched coats after Daddy saw her putting it on one day and said "Shouldn't you wear a different coat now? Jellybean might be getting cold"

-One time a few weeks ago Mommy was worried that she hadn't felt Jellybean move around a lot that day. Mommy suggested maybe Daddy read to Jellybean and sure enough when he did there were some thumps and bumps.

-The other night Jellybean was moving around a lot so Mommy told Daddy to come and feel. Daddy layed down with his and there for a while and felt the movements. Then Daddy decided to start talking to Jellybean by putting his mouth on Mommy's tummy. Then he decided to lay his head down and thats when Jellybean kicked him in the eye! It didnt hurt of course but it was funny and cute!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This is a peek outside Mommy, Daddy, and Jellybean's front door this morning.

The car that's closets in the picture is Mommy's car

Its been such a snowy winter this year but luckily Jellybean is experiencing it all from the warm confinds of his little home. Jellybean's brother and sister however had to venture out into the snowy world this morning. Needless to say they dont look so pleased at the idea


Wait you want me to go out in that?!?!



What happened out here?!?!?

I want to go in now!

And here is Gussy. He didnt seem to mind as much

Thankfully when Jellybean arrives this will all be a distant memory.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dont tell daddy

Shhh dont tell Daddy. Ever since Mommy's scan she can't stop wondering about Jellybean's gender. Before the anatomy scan Mommy was so sure Jellybean was a boy. Even though its a 50/50 chance Mommy just knew Jellybean was a boy and so it shaped how she saw everything. When buying stuff, even though Mommy and Daddy are buying mostly gender neutral things, it colored how she saw things and could imagine a baby boy in. Ever since hearing those words "her" at the anatomy scan Mommy can't help but wonder now if the baby she has been thinking was a boy for 20 something weeks is indeed a girl. Its hard not to let that color the way she sees everything including all the things they bought for Jellybean so far. So Mommy is, secretly, amassing a small stash of girly things in the off chance that slip at the anatomy scan turns out to be right. Mommy is trying to limit her stash to only things that she really likes and are a good price that way Daddy can't get too mad...and its still small enough Mommy can hide it from Daddy heehee. She tries to buy mostly reusable things like blankets and bibs so even if she is wrong this time they can always be used for a future girl.

So here is Mommy's little stash of girly things

She did end up buying a few onesies and a little jacket/pants set because it was a great deal. Mommy figured if Jellybean was a girl she could at least have a few cute girly things to wear home in right?


Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy's getting excited

Daddy is rather excited about Jellybean these days. He reads to Jellybean nightly, wishes Jellybean good night and good morning, and loves to blow raspberries on Momy's tummy and then putting his hand over to see if Jellybean has any reaction (yes sometimes mostly no though). So riding on his enthusiasm yesterday Daddy decided to try his hand at swaddling. Needless to say Dexter the cat was subjected to being swaddled as he is Daddy's cuddle buddy. He does look rather adorable no?